Having troubles with mice in your home? Take care of it now and prevent it for later.

Mice are very annoying to have in your home. Did your refrigerator stop working without a reason? Then it’s possible a mouse found the cable of your refrigerator. Mice destroy cables and bring diseases into your home. So, make sure to keep them out! Did you know that’s a very easy thing to do? This blog tells you everything you need to know about pest control for mice and products to keep the mice out of your lovely home.

There are different kind of ways to control the mice inside or around your home. You can work with mousetraps, living mouse traps, electrocution and glue traps.


Mousetraps that clasp are a common way to control the mice in and around your home. There are different kind of clasping mousetraps sold. With most of the traps it’s very important to use bait like peanut butter or cheese. Mice love cheese and peanut butter, which makes it easier to trap them into the mouse traps.

Wooden mousetrap

This mousetrap is very traditional and the one everybody knows. This mousetrap is made of traditional beechwood. The mousetrap has a steel feather which claps down with high power. That makes sure the mouse dies instantly and doesn’t suffer. When you’re setting up this trap, watch out for your fingers! It reacts very easily which can cause your fingers to get snapped by the mouse trap. This mousetrap is reusable and keeps its strength after an enormous amount of uses. You can get this mousetrap for €12.50 from our web shop The Mouse Trap Shop!

Hidden kill trap

The Hidden Kill trap is a mousetrap which makes sure the mouse dies with a quick, efficient and poison freeway. The mouse trap is made to blend with the environment, this way the mouse will get trapped sooner. This mouse trap has two ways to get in the mousetrap and has an eject able holder, this way you don’t have to touch the mouse to remove it from the trap. Regardless that the mouse trap blends in his environment, it has an exclusive form that makes it possible to place the mouse trap in the corners of your house or garden without giving it any trouble. At the Mouse Trap Shop you’ll have this trap for €2,95!

Snap E-mousetrap

The Snap E-mousetrap is made from plastic. This mouse trap is easy to tighten with a tight feather. Just as with the wooden mousetrap it’s very important to watch out with your fingers and also the placing of the trap. To make sure it’s safe for your kids or pets. With these kinds of mousetraps, it’s very important to use bait. You can think of cheese or peanut butter to attract the mouse to the trap. This is something a mouse really likes and will definitely attract the mouse into the trap. The mouse can be easily disposed without touching it and the trap is reusable. This mouse trap is available on the web shop The Mouse Trap Shop for €2,95.

Walk-in mouse trap

Do you rather have a very animal friendly way to trap a mouse? That’s possible with this walk-in mouse trap. The mouse only gets trapped but doesn’t get killed. With only €5,95 this trap is yours! When the mouse is trapped the door closes, you can let go the mouse where you want. It’s important to let it go, as far away from your home as possible, because you don’t want the mouse back in your home any time soon. The bottom of the cage is made from plastic and the cage itself is made from durable zinc thread. When you’ve released the mouse you can set up the trap again and use it.

Knock off electric mouse trap

This mouse trap electrocutes the mice that come in. This mouse trap works on battery’s, which makes it easy to place wherever you need it to go. There is a cable included in the package for when you do have a power-outlet nearby. There also is a LED-cable included, which shows you If there is something inside your trap, when you can’t see it otherwise. The trap has a removable lid, so you can dispose the mouse easily without touching it which is good for the hygiene. This mousetrap is available at The Mouse Trap Shop for €79.95.


When you have dealt or are dealing with a mice problem, it’s very important to close gaps and holes in and around your house. There are different kind of methods to deal with this, but in the end, it makes it really hard for the mice to come in to your home.  

Knock off rodent defense

This is a repelling band of ecological, stainless material. You can place this repelling band over holes and cracks in your house to close them up. The repelling material is flexible, so you can knead it into multiple shapes. This way you can fit the repelling band to the cracks like you want it to fit. This repelling band is resistant to all weather types and keeps its form at all times. These are the reasons why this is a very good repellant.

Knock off animal repeller

Another good way prevents mice to come in our around your home. The knock off animal repeller works with an ultrasonic signal which is strong enough to only work on animals who come close to your home. The animals don’t like the sound and that makes them stay away. The ultrasonic sound isn’t hearable for the human ear. The repeller has a motion detector, which detects if any movement is happening. This is an extra prevention for getting animals away from your home. The animal repeller doesn’t need any electricity, and only costs €34.50!

All these kinds of pest control are available at The Mouse Trap Shop, after the use of these items you are 100% mouse free. Do you want your order as soon as possible? Then order before 23:59, you’ll have everything at your place the next day! When you’ve got them, put them in use as soon as you can and get rid of the mice at your place! If you have any questions you can ask customer service till 23:59! The best service for all your needs to get rid of mice are available at The Mouse Trap Shop!